Call: POF Symposium


Mittwoch, 17.05.2017 bis Freitag, 19.05.2017

Polymer Optical Fiber ITA

POF Symposium on the Annual Fiber Society conference

2nd Call for Papers


This year on May 17-19, the international conference of the Fiber Society will be held in Aachen, Germany, with a special POF symposium.

The conference focuses on "Next Generation Fibers for Smart Products" and covers topics ranging from fiber processing, fabrication and characterization over textiles, functional fibers, bio materials and also polymer optical fibers. For more information, please refer to the conference’s Call for Papers. In contrast to the international POF conference, there is a much stronger focus on industry, fabrication and materials, but also sensing for smart products. The conference has a focus on technology or market and addresses so what can POF do for people or what can people do with POF.